ESX Academy


As ESX will be operating in a market where the development of the Ethiopian Capital Markets ecosystem is just beginning, it aims to play a leading role in investor education, capacity development, and financial literacy and inclusion in Ethiopia.

In addition to various levels of communication and awareness efforts, e.g., consultation workshops, media and public relations activities, ESX aims to set up an academy to provide continuous education and capacity building activities to various stakeholders. The broad level objectives of the ESX Academy are:

To educate various stakeholders on the role of capital markets in general and the role, functions, and operations of ESX.

To be a learning center that offers free and paid courses, workshops, and training to equip issuers, investors, capital market service providers, financial market professionals, and the general public, with the knowledge and skills to participate in the Ethiopian Capital Markets ecosystem.

To fill the capacity and knowledge gaps of financial market professionals, investors and the general public.

To promote financial literacy, financial inclusion, and job creation in Ethiopia.

To offer customized electronic learning (e-learning) options via pre-recorded educational content.

The importance of building a strong and knowledgeable stakeholder base for the long run sustainability of the Ethiopian Capital Markets and ESX.

The target audience includes:

Entrepreneurs, business operators, investors

Finance professionals

High school and University students

Academic institutions

The Ethiopian Diaspora

Government agencies

Legal professionals

Capital markets service providers

General public